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Thank you!!

For you're good good advice

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nice lil' game

A cat running on never ending rooftops!? Seems pretty original to me. The gameplay itself is simple but entertaining gets difficult pretty fast (which I like). The tunes and graphics are pretty neat also. Maybe its just me but the only thing I found troublesome is that I became a little dizzy after sometime of playing the game maybe it was just too fast for me?. Two quick ways you can improve this game. 1. Set up a leader/score board 2. Add the Halloween pre-loader (so you can enter into the contest).

did I do something wrong?

whenever I press the start button it shows me the blue screen.
why is this?

cctech1001 responds:

is an error that ppl hate to get

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At the moment I heard this track I knew it had to be epic. I can envision this track in so many animations/games based on castles knights etc.. I know little about composing tracks so excuse me if I am wrong or type something stupid. The only thing I disliked about the track is that it repeats itself when half is over, dont get me wrong it's a good soundtrack its just that I would have liked it to sound a bit different after a while perhaps you could have changed the instruments, tempo, volume, to make it even more epic give it a "twist" I don't know! As mentioned earlier this is great soundtrack, will definitely check your other stuff out you obviously have talent.

samulis responds:

Thanks, mate. I tried to make it have that epic feel. :)

The repetition is a common thing in classical music... I repeated one theme with a variation to it. If you don't believe me, listen to some older medieval music. I consider it 'bringing the song back' to its foundation.

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Nice piece

I like the metaphor here, sure it was the name of the bomb but I like how the illustration turned out. At first I had no clue at what was going on until I read the comments which is a good thing. I feel as if the sky needs more values as well as action since its during a war also some parts could have been blended more.

BloodyAngel88 responds:

Just because they could have blended more doesn't mean I wanted them to. ^.^


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